Julie Brister

Julie Brister is a performer, director and teacher living in Los Angeles. She has been a part of the UCB community since it’s early days in New York City. She’s appeared in and directed dozens of shows including: her solo-show Fatparts, which she also performed at SF Sketchfest, Showgirls! The Best Movie Ever Made! Ever!, Laid Up, and Put it in You! The Sex-Ed Musical. In 2007, her short “Book It” was selected as a finalist for Oxygen’s Create-A-Series contest.

Guest Appearances

April 25, 2018

Get excited as Andy Daly & Matt Gourley present a love letter to waterskiing & Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Sha Na Na hosted by Wolfman Hot Dog. Join aspiring Sha Na Na member Wolfman Hot Dog as he shares a portion of his Dreams and Aspirations journal, chats with waterskiing legend Ahi & his cousin Penny about the golden age of waterskiing, and asks former Sha Na Na member Slammin’ Oliver Rothwell about his time in the band. Plus, the biggest Sha Na Na fan Veronica Melcher drops by for some Sha Na Na Trivia.

Featuring: Mara Bamford, Sean Conroy, Julie Brister

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February 27, 2018

This week, Marissa and Listler welcome the most popular art teacher for the last forty years, Miss Twerck (Julie Brister)! On “Hot Topics,” everyone recalls their romantic Valentine’s Day eves and Listler recounts how she spent her birthday.  Later, Miss Twerck learns what her name means in dance-lingo before explaining how she wound up in Cuba by accident during “Spotlight On.”

December 7, 2016

Former campaign manager and “Trump whisperer” Kellyanne Conway (Julie Brister) stops by Hard Nation to enthuse about the President-elect and our glorious future. Mark joins her in imagining Ted Cruz’s moist lips, cheering Omarosa’s possible appointment to Trump’s cabinet, and shaming Pete’s drug use, while Pete considers setting himself on fire. #FeelingsTrumpFacts #HesOurPresident #GetOverIt

August 17, 2016

Vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence and his wife Karen (Kenny Stevenson and Julie Brister) turn the Hard Nation studios into a traditional Christian home, while Pete struggles with vertigo and Mark debuts a controversial new character. Plus: Dwayne Johnson (Craig Rowin) finally takes initiative.