Julie Brown

Julie Brown has played so many iconic roles I can’t decide which ones to list! Well, she will always be Ms. Stoeger from Clueless for me, but I’m also huge on Minerva Mink from Animaniacs. You must, of course, mention her role as Candy from Earth Girls are Easy. She’s also an awesome comedy song writer and has a new album called Smell The Glamour that is utterly delightful.

Guest Appearances

J J J is for Julie!

The Fogelnest Files #11November 20, 2012

The iconic Julie Brown comes by the studio and drops knowledge about MTV, comedy songs, and how to handle crotchety game show hosts on this edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Jake talks to her about what it was like to be on…


Glitter in the Garbage LIVE

Drew brings Glitter in the Garbage to a live audience for the very first time and boy is it a tit party! His guests Edi, Stephanie, and Julie delight the huddled masses with tales of crappy jobs, a bizarre mommy hangout, and…

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