Julie Klausner

Julie Klausner is a former writer for VH1’s Best Week Ever, host of the popular podcast How Was Your Week (named one of the best 10 comedy podcasts of the moment by Rolling Stone), and author of I Don’t Care About Your Band which is currently being adapted into a television series. She has also written for publications such as The New York Times, The A.V. Club and writes a “Fuck/Marry/Kill” column for The Hairpin.

Guest Appearances

Julie Klausner, Our Former Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #375December 21, 2020

QUEENIE returns to announce her New Year's resolution.


Julie Klausner and Ayo Edebiri, Our Close Friends

Hollywood Handbook #335March 16, 2020

JULIE KLAUSNER and AYO EDEBIRI join forces to help Sean with a very special audition.


Julie Klausner, Our Freaky Flix Friend

Hollywood Handbook #308September 16, 2019

QUEENIE and The Boys make a horror anthology series.   This episode is sponsored by Squarespace (www.squarespace.com/THEBOYS code: THEBOYS), Harry's (www.harrys.com/handbook), and Quip (www.getquip.com/theboys).


Julie Klausner, Our Co-Host Friend

JULIE KLAUSNER fills in as co-host after The Boys get into a big fight This episode is brought to you by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: THEBOYS), My Sheets Rock (www.mysheetsrock.com/THEBOYS), and Away (www.awaytravel.com/theboys20).


Tom and Julie, Our Talkshow Friends

Hollywood Handbook #266November 26, 2018

Sean and Hayes have a little fun doing a talkshow with JULIE KLAUSNER and TOM SCHARPLING live at The Bell House.   This episode is sponsored by Casper Mattresses (www.casper.com/savings) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/THEBOYS).


Julie Klausner, Our Pilot Season Friend

Sean and Hayes are joined by JULIE KLAUSNER once again for a big scoop. This episode is sponsored by Simple Contacts (www.simplecontacts.com/theboys code: THEBOYS).


He’s Gonna Chute! (w/ Julie Klausner, Brian Faas)

Dr Gameshow #30May 8, 2018

Comedians Julie Klausner (Difficult People) & Brian Faas (The Law Firm) join Jo & Manolo to play listener-created games with callers.  Games played: ABBA-ZABA-DOO, My Life or Movie Plot, and I'm So Voice-Over It.


Julie Klausner, Our Goodbye Cody Friend

Hollywood Handbook #230March 20, 2018

Sean and Hayes are joined by JULIE KLAUSNER to do a tribute with music. This episode is sponsored by Casper Mattresses (code: THEBOYS) and Harry's.


Julie Klausner, Our Tonys Friend

Sean and Hayes are once again joined by JULIE KLAUSNER to help them prepare a show that will win the upcoming Tony Awards. This episode is sponsored by Harry's (www.harrys.com/hollywoodhandbook) and Chapman University (www.chapman.edu/grad).


Julie Klausner, Our Close Friend Once Again

Hollywood Handbook #172February 7, 2017

The boys do another insane challenge they learned about on the computer, then JULIE KLAUSNER joins the show to help them with a new project.   This episode is sponsored by Shari's Berries(www.berries.com code: HOLLYWOODHANDBOOK) and MVMT Watches (www.mvmtwatches.com/hollywood).


Julie Klausner, Back Again

Hollywood Handbook #147August 16, 2016

Julie Klausner joins the boys again to reminisce on her past episodes and get a little political. Then, Sean does some of his classic impressions and the gang picks their Mt. Crushmore.


Far East Movement, Our Favorite Band

Hayes and Sean are brought to the studio against their will for an unscheduled record. This episode is sponsored by Nudist Colony Clothing.


Julie Klausner Again, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #126March 22, 2016

Hayes and Sean speculate as to some other interesting superheroes who could be fighting each other in a movie. Then JULIE KLAUSNER joins the team to redo her celebrated musical episode of the show except not with Dave Matthews this time.


Julie Klausner, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #97August 18, 2015

It's scorching hot outside so Sean and Hayes are blessing their fans with a trip back to the Teaser Freezer with a breakdown of the new film "We Are Your Friends". Then, JULIE KLAUSNER from Hulu's Difficult People stops by to talk to…


Amy Poehler, Julie Klausner

Crybabies #21August 6, 2015

Amy Poehler and Julie Klausner are a fabulous duo of writers, performers, and producers who recently collaborated on the Hulu series "Difficult People" (Julie as its creator and star, Amy as executive producer). This week they join Sarah and Susan for a…


Donate Your Car Today

The Fogelnest Files #63November 14, 2013

Julie Klausner, Dave Hill, Katie Notopoulos, and Kitty join Jake LIVE from the Bell House in New York! They introduce Kars-4-Kids to Dave, take a look at another internet phenomenon involving dogs reacting to the Law & Order theme, and chat about…


Best Of Year One

The Fogelnest Files #53September 5, 2013

Jake compiles his favorite moments from the first year of the show on this week's Best Of edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Fantastic moments like Megan Amram's Rosie O'Donnell story, Jen Kirkman's breakdown of Royce & Marilyn, Cheech & Chong explaining the…


Sklarbro County 63

Sklarbro Country #158.5August 6, 2013

How Was Your Week’s Julie Klausner brings the much needed lady energy to this week’s Sklarbro County! Julie tells us about which weird celebrity sighting she’d love to see, writing for the 3rd season of Funny Or Die’s Billy On The Street,…


Boy, Am I Glued!

Get ready for a raucous good time as Jake welcomes Julie Klausner, Jon Hendren, and Shelby Fero to a live edition of the Fogelnest Files! Recorded at the UCB theatre, Jake and his guests dive into Rick Dees and his disco duck,…


The Devil's Advocate: LIVE!

How Did This Get Made? #55February 5, 2013

STOP. RESET. This might be the sexiest/dirtiest movie we’ve done! Special guest Julie Klausner joined us to talk about The Devil’s Advocate on this week’s How Did This Get Made? LIVE at the Bell House! We cover everything from Keanu’s multiple southern…


New York Mainstays

Comedy Bang Bang #186November 12, 2012

Fellow podcasters and first timers Julie Klausner and Jake Fogelnest are here on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Jake & Julie recall the first time they met, each describe their podcasts “The Fogelnest Files” and “How Was Your Week” respectively, and share their…


Imported Lady Energy

Sklarbro Country #109August 24, 2012

Sklarbro Country is filled with lady energy this week thanks to our guest Julie Klausner! Julie tells us about being a pop-culture nut as a kid, how Patton Oswalt urged her to start her podcast, and why her twenties mirrored the show…


The Fogelnest Files

Earwolf Presents #11August 20, 2012

Welcome to the first episode of The Fogelnest Files! Jake Fogelnest has scoured the Internet and his personal archives for cool stuff to show you. This first episode was recorded live at UCBEAST as part of the CBGB Festival with special guests…


The Fogelnest Files #1

The Fogelnest Files #1August 19, 2012

Welcome to the first episode of The Fogelnest Files! Jake Fogelnest has scoured the Internet and his personal archives for cool stuff to show you. This first episode was recorded live at UCBEAST as part of the CBGB Festival with special guests…


Badu Doo-Wop

Who Charted? #71April 11, 2012

Given Howard's affinity for reds, we were more than happy to have Julie Klausner bring her New York hipness and Jewish nerdyness to Who Charted? for a look at the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and Movie Chart. We know she doesn't care about…


Julie Klausner

Ronna & Beverly #1May 25, 2011

The debut episode of The Ronna & Beverly Podcast.

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