Kamenetzky Brothers

Andy and Brian Kamenetzky are sportswriters and radio hosts, formerly with the LA Times and ESPN. They are currently covering the Lakers.

Guest Appearances

January 22, 2013

The terrific sports writing team of Brian and Andy Kamenetzky drop by to talk sports and life on this weeks Sklarbro County! They talk about growing up with the Sklar’s in St. Louis and question why their co-authored comic book, The Camo Chemo Comic Book, wasn’t the smash hit it seemed destined to become. The Sklar’s ask the brother pair about covering the Lakers during their tough season, working for ESPN, and competetive bass fishermen living on the edge. Dan Van Kirk serves up some great stories including a guy losing all 500 of his Ken Griffey Jr baseball cards, another guy getting frisky in public with a couch, and a slick bartering crack addict car salesman, Then Brent Musburger, dealing with public accusations of being a bit creepy, takes the time to call in and thank the guys for their support. Be sure to pick up tickets to see the Sklar’s at Helium Comedy Club in Portland from the 24th-26th.