Karen Maruyama

Karen Maruyama is an actress and comedienne who you might recognize from her recurring characters on The Jamie Foxx Show, Strip Mall, and Suddenly Susan. Maruyama is well known as an improv performer and instructor, was a featured guest on both the American and British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, as well as a member of The Groundlings. She is part of the cast of The Jim Henson Company’s live stage show “Puppet Up!

Guest Appearances

April 13, 2011

So you guys, the Earwolf studio is being inspected for mold! Fortunately, Drew and his friends Mindy and Karen have big plans while we wait for it to be available. They’ll all do some scene study and get to know themselves better as an actor. They can catch up on the latest episode of The Actor’s Little Corner. Oh, they might even take a trip to Hawaii! Who are we kidding, they’re just going to sit around and watch Youtube videos. But while they wait, could you maybe take care of their pets?