Karina Longworth

Karina Longworth

Karina Longworth is an American film critic, author, and journalist based in Los Angeles.

Guest Appearances

April 19, 2023

Karina Longworth (You Must Remember This) joins Paul & Amy to unveil her top 3 erotic thrillers!

April 21, 2015

Karina Longworth, host of the film history podcast, “You Must Remember This” and author of “Al Pacino: Anatomy of an Actor,” joins Devin & Amy this week with a bold nomination: The Godfather: Part III deserves to be in the canon along with The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II. Should the first two classics enter alone? Does the full trilogy satisfy — or sabotage — the Corleone saga? Was Sofia Coppola really so bad that her father’s final installment should get scrapped? Tune in for the difficult down-to-the-wire decision everyone must make — and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!