Kate Berlant

Kate Berlant is an explosive stand-up comedian with a force that cannot be contained.

Guest Appearances

Racist Roommate (w/ Kate Berlant)

Writer, actress, comedian Kate Berlant (Sorry To Bother You) joins Andrew and Tawny to discuss a caller’s racist roommate, the differences between culture & race, and much more. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323)…


324: Publix Grocery Store, Courtland Sykes, Guests Kate Berlant and John Early

Attitudes! #324February 1, 2018

This week, Bryan shines a light on the Publix grocery store chain’s refusal to cover HIV-preventative drugs for their employees as well as their history of discrimination against gay people. Then, Erin shares U.S. Senate candidate Courtland Sykes’s insane rant about Women’s…


Tailing the Mole Man

Who Charted? #372January 24, 2018

Actors, writers, comedians John Early and Kate Berlant (555) join Who Charted for a special Grammys episode! We hear a brand new music theme to usher in the Top 5 Grammy Nominated Songs of the Year and John & Kate regale the…


Kate Berlant, John Early: What Makes You Tick?

Welcome back to another episode of What Makes You Tick? with your hosts Sandra O’Donell (Kate Berlant) and Sandra O’Leary (John Early)! After sharing what’s been making them tick, they welcome special guest and old friend Symphony to the show to talk…


Kate Berlant and John Early, Our Close Friends

Hollywood Handbook #215December 5, 2017

Sean and Hayes say hello to KATE BERLANT and JOHN EARLY and talk to them about being duos and the business of Hollywood. This episode is sponsored by Simple Contacts (code: THEBOYS) and Harry's.



How Did This Get Made? #170September 1, 2017

Comedian Kate Berlant (555, The Comedians) joins Paul, June, and Jason to talk about the 2007 live-action teen comedy Bratz based on the popular children’s toy. They’ll dive into the futuristic fashion of the Bratz, the deaf boy, Jon Voight’s fake nose…


Ep. 5 - The Masculine Mind

Marabel opens up about her nagging habit, and how she quit cold turkey. Then, she puts on her lab coat and reveals the differences between woman and men with cutting edge scientific experiments (and Mr. Goodbars). With: Amanda Lund, Kate Berlant, Andy…


Shy By Nature, Outgoing By Nurture

Comedy Bang Bang #471February 20, 2017

Jason “Heynong Man” Mantzoukas is back to co-host along Scott on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! They’ll chat about why Jason missed out the latest John Wick chapter, who should win that Oscar gold, and their dream team SNL cast made of…


These Are the Worst

Comedy Bang Bang #447September 26, 2016

Aya Cash and Kether Donohue of FXX’s You’re the Worst are part of the CBB First-Timers Club! Aya, Kether, Scott, and this week’s co-host Bone Queef chat about their real names sounding fake, why Bing should replace Google as the go to…


Kate Berlant

Crybabies #50September 15, 2016

The magnetic comedian Kate Berlant (The Characters on Netflix) joins Sarah and Susan to talk about Bridget Everett singing "I'll Take You Home" unplugged, Patti Smith and Philip Glass doing a tribute to Allen Ginsberg, Sex and the City, and Stevie Nicks…


Almost Parasites

Comedy Bang Bang #424May 30, 2016

Superstar musician "Weird Al" Yankovic and co-host/one man band leader of the new season of Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show joins Scott to talk about what it's like to being back on a set in almost 20 years, his latest World…


Bonus! Wild Horses: The Perspective with Kate Berlant

Stephanie Allynne, Mary Holland, Lauren Lapkus, and Erin Whitehead are comedy veterans who perform together as Wild Horses! Join them as they bring their hit live show The Perspective to your ears. In this episode, the Horses get very cozy with the…


Chappie: The Oliver Twist Story

Who Charted? #223March 11, 2015

Kulap and Howard start off the show by officially announcing the arrival of spring, as well as a special achievement that has been accomplished in the world of Gu Cruise. Then, our hosts are joined by stand up comedian Kate Berlant, who talks…


Kate Berlant: Healthy You

Hi! Welcome to another edition of Healthy You, with your host, Kate Berlant! Today Kate’s guest is her close personal friend Rachel Rachel-Stoyd. Kate & Rachel talk about speaking to dogs, their personal health issues, and their past public fight at the…

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