Kate Riley

Kate Riley

A student at the UCB since 2008, Kate has studied under Porter Mason, Kevin Hines, Anthony Atamanuik, Shannon O’Neill, Will Hines, and Chris Gethard. She is a proud member of the Harold Team Salmon Diane. On the UCBNY stages, she performs with former Harold Team Sandino at the UCBeast in their show UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. Kate has appeared on The Colbert Report, The Onion News Network, Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker, Hoppus on Music, Gossip Girl, SVU: Video on Trial, Reggie Watts: Live From Central Park, and in commercials. Kate has also performed and/or written for many a funny web video produced by Spacestation, Landlinetv.com, UCBcomedy.com, UCB Beta Teams, College Humor, and Captain Hippo.

Guest Appearances

LIVE from DCM 15 Pt. 1

improv4humans #93August 8, 2013

Recorded LIVE from the 15th Annual Del Close Marathon in New York is part 1 of an epic improv4humans featuring an amazing roster of improvisers that include Chad Carter, Will Hines, Kate Riley, Chris Gethard, Jordan Klepper, Shannon O’Neill, Adam Frucci, Jeremy…

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