Kate Schatz

Kate Schatz is a feminist writer, activist, and educator. She is the creator of the Rad Women book series, along with illustrator Miriam Klein Stahl.

Guest Appearances

May 18, 2017

Listeners, you and your kids need a new alphabet – specifically, one that starts with “A is for Angela Davis”. In this episode of Politically Re-Active, we talk with writer Kate Schatz and artist Miriam Klein Stahl about their illustrated children’s books, _Rad American Women A-Z_ and _Rad Women Worldwide_. We also dive into ways that you – yes you! – can join the resistance in your local community through Solidarity Sundays, a network of feminist activist groups that meet each month to engage elected officials and build intersectional communities for justice. It’s art, action, and the alphabet, all in this episode of #politicallyreactive.


Find a local meeting of Solidarity Sundays at https://www.solidaritysundays.org/! And learn more about Kate and Miriam’s work, including the “Rad Women” series, at http://www.kateschatz.com/ and http://www.miriamkleinstahl.com/. Or if you prefer Twitter: @kateschatz and @miriamkstahl.


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