Katie Compa

Katie Compa is a comedian.

Guest Appearances

Any F*cking Clown 2020

Fake The Nation #188February 20, 2020

Katie Compa and Gastor Almonte join Negin to break down the best and worst moments of Wednesday's Debate and weigh in on Trump’s Pardons. They also talk about what it takes to be a female lead in today's cinematic landscape.


The Empathy Drain

Fake The Nation #176November 28, 2019

This Thanksgiving, Negin talks with Matt Gourley and Vicky Kuperman about the decline of American happiness, and Turkey Day traditions with Ashley England and Katie Compa.     This episode is sponsored by UNCOMMITTED: Iowa 2020 podcast.


A Good Opportunity to Boo!

Fake The Nation #172October 31, 2019

Negin is joined by comedians Ashley England and Katie Compa to discuss mass protests, what’s going on in the White House, and Facebook’s proposed launch of a digital currency.   This episode is sponsored by GovMint (call 1-888-201-7082).

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