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Katy Stoll is an actor, writer, producer type from the California Bay Area. She got her degree in Political Science at the University of California, San Diego and briefly considered being a lawyer but gave that up to work freelance for Cracked.com. In addition to appearing on shows like How I Met Your Mother, Adam Ruins Everything and Sweet/Viscous Katy has also carved out a niche for herself playing the “dead girl” on procedurals such as Bones, CSI and, yes, CSI Miami. She’s done other things, too. Like, movies and commercials and stuff. But I think you get the idea.

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December 12, 2016

You know how when you watch and old movie and there’s a Y2K joke or a WAZZZZUUUP and you think, “man, this hasn’t aged well.” There’s now a whole category of those movies that are just classically heroic dudes being absolute dicks to women. There’s even a whole supercut (https://goo.gl/ejmmDH)  of all the times James Bond hits women. Just Sean Connery slapping women left and right like he’s Moe and every Bond girl is Larry and Curly.

Now, hear us out on this, but there’s a chance that images like this might have been hurting women instead of helping them. Crazy. Maybe normalizing violence against women or showing Harrison Ford literally whipping (https://goo.gl/QRB2Gw)  Kate Capshaw into kissing him have given men unrealistic ideas about how things like consent work.

This week Jack O’Brien brings on Carmen Angelica, Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Katy Stoll to talk about the modern-day minefield of consent, what movies have been getting wrong about it, why it’s so easy for guys to get defensive about it and a female perspective on why it’s so damn important.


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