Kevin Seccia

Kevin Seccia is a comedian and author who turned his love for boxing and comedy into the blog How To Beat Up Anything. That blog became a book! It’s called Punching Tom Hanks and it is great! If you read the awesome web comic Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything you already know Kevin (well, in two-dimensional cartoon form). I would make more jokes about him, but he could totally beat me up so I’m trying to stay safe.

Guest Appearances

The CaseFiles of Columbo Ep 1: Paul F. Tompkins

Earwolf Presents #62October 26, 2016

USE promo code COLUMBO at checkout  to hear the entire series of The Casefiles of Columbo on Howl Premium. In this episode, The very amazing and hilarious Paul F. Tompkins (Bajillion Dollar Properties, Spontaneanation, Superego) joins Aaron Abrams and Kevin Seccia to investigate…


Book Club 12: Purity

Private: Reading Aloud #35October 16, 2015

New and old friends Alison Becker, Kevin Awakuni, Susanna Fogel, and Kevin Seccia join Nate this week for another spectacular Book Club episode of Reading Aloud! This week they get into "Purity" by Jonathan Franzen. It's his most recent novel and it's…


Lady Caddy

Sklarbro Country #53July 29, 2011

We begin the second year of Sklarbro Country with the most relevant and important topic concerning sports: Which players should and shouldn't be made into bobbleheads? It's an important issue and thankfully we have Paul Scheer on the show to help us…

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