Kristoffer Triumf

Kristoffer Triumf hosts VARVET INTL, a Swedish interview podcast in English.

Guest Appearances

May 14, 2015

Adam’s guest is Kristoffer Triumf, host and producer of one of the most popular podcasts in Sweden, Värvet. This long-form celebrity interview show has been in production since 2012. Kristoffer talks about what influenced him to get into podcasting. Chief amongst those influences was Marc Maron’s WTF, particularly because of the fact that long-form celebrity interviews were uncommon in Swedish media. He then tells the story of how he started Värvet, and how he got Marc to be one of his first interviews. Kristoffer also discusses the growing Swedish podcast scene, how that scene compares to US podcasting, and why he launched the English-language version of his own podcast, Värvet International. Finally, he shares his hopes and predictions for the future of podcasting.