Kurt Metzger

Kurt Metzger used to be a Jehovah’s Witness. “Knock knock! Who’s There? It’s Kurt Metzger, motherfucker!” he could be heard to shout, shambling from door to door at six a.m. on many a cold Sunday morn! After getting involved in a bloody turf war with some Mormons, Kurt decided to say “goodbye” to the God game and “hello” to the dropping out of college to become a standup comic game. Thereby disappointing his parents in a profound way on many different levels. Besides regularly performing in many an NYC comedy club, his credits include writing for Chappelle’s Showon Comedy Central, writing for some VH1 shows no one saw, performing at the 2004 “Just For Laughs” Montreal Comedy Festival, and writing for Cracked Magazine.

Guest Appearances

October 1, 2013

Yup, you guessed it — it’s time for a Kyle Dunnigan solo episode! Kyle takes a break from his writing in New York to perform some listener-suggested Punkys and get into it with multiple  special guests. First, Kyle interviews fellow “Inside Amy Schumer” writer Kurt Metzger about everything under the sun, from aliens to Jehovah’s witnesses. After talking to Kurt, Kyle sits down briefly with Amy Schumer and asks her about God. Kyle’s third and final interview is with lifelong friend Michael Andersson, who offers a different take on God than the previous guests and shares some of his particularly fascinating insights as a person living with bipolar disorder, and Kyle tells a riddle. This episode was brought to you by Trump Hospital.