Kyle Bornheimer

Kyle Bornheimer is an actor. He has performed on popular cult TV shows such Party Down, Chuck, and Worst Week.

Guest Appearances

October 3, 2023

Adam Scott Aukerman reminisce about the opening night of U2’s “UV Achtung Baby” residency at the $2.3 billion dollar Las Vegas Sphere.

October 9, 2022

Actor/friend of the show Kyle Bornheimer joins Scott to talk about Westworld, playing a stepdad on the new show High School, and the second season of Avenue 5. Then, professor Lloyd Garterbelt stops by to talk about recently being fired. Plus, author Matilda Gravyman drops by to read excerpts from her unauthorized biography about Scott.

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June 15, 2021

This week June and Jessica are joined by their first male identifying guest, Kyle Bornheimer (Broke, Avenue 5). But first, the gals chat social missteps, the emotional labor of cleaning up all those damn breakfast plates and who IS the Lethal Weapon? Then, Kyle (aka Jessica’s work husband) joins to discuss his social activism, being a caretaker to aging parents, and making June and Jessica realize they absolutely LOVE midwesterners. Special thanks to Kyle Bornheimer for the use of his song, Loveland. 

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August 23, 2020

Actor Kyle Bornheimer joins Scott to talk about HBO’s Avenue 5, wearing a mask in the movie The Lovebirds, and the possible end of numbers on the call sheet. Then, vegetarian Jerone Buckethat stops by to speak on his meatings with The Meet Heads. Later, marketer Trish Maxwell drops by to help us get into the mind of the T.J. Maxx Girl.

January 31, 2017

Another audio-only episode with guests Ben Schwartz and Kyle Bornheimer. From Diego Luna’s tiny hips to Katherine Ross’s religion-changing lips, not to mention… “Keith?” Oh, and Bill Clinton leaves voice mails for Trump – NO comedy stones are left unturned!

February 23, 2016

Spring has not yet sprung but that’s not stopping Marissa and Listler from having a spring in their step as they welcome Marina Del Rey High’s Gym teacher Gary Wasikowski (Kyle Bornheimer) on this week’s WOMP IT UP! Listler has some choice words for those not appreciating the rules of the season and Marissa has a special message for Gutterballs during another edition of “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, the spotlight is on Gary Wasikowski as he tells us about the true identity of his high school crush, a dodgeball incident which effected his love life, and living with his sister. Plus, everyone helps out a listener’s virgin dilemma during Listler’s Love Lockdown!