Lamorne Morris

Lamorne Morris is an American actor, comedian and television personality. He is best known for playing Winston in the Fox sitcom New Girl. As a game show host, he hosted the Cartoon Network game show BrainRush.

Guest Appearances

The Scammer of All Trades with Lamorne Morris

Scam Goddess #41July 6, 2020

What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Lamorne Morris is on the pod to talk about the man who was so good at scheming that Spielberg made a movie about it. Plus the girl who "does braces." Stay schemin!  Research by Sharilyn Vera. Sources:…


Lamorne Morris, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #18February 4, 2014

Sean and Hayes start things off by explaining why all of their negative reviews on iTunes are incorrect in a segment called "(Buzzer Sound)! Wrong." Then they open up for a dangerous confession related to the rise of the nerds in Hollywood.…

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