Lance Bass

Guest Appearances

March 14, 2019

Lance Bass (!!!) of *NSYNC fame joins Dave and Matt live from SXSW to talk about the new Lou Pearlman ponzi scheme documentary “The Boy Band Con”, Dave and Lance meeting on TRL (on Dave’s first day!) and coming out in People Magazine. Plus, Lance’s first relationship while still being in the closet, getting a Facebook poke from his now husband, proposal interruptions, a live q&a and so much more!

February 9, 2016

*NSYNC’s Lance Bass and producer Drew Pokorny of Dirty Pop with Lance Bass on Sirius XM join Deanna & Emily this week for a very special episode of OMFG! We’ll find out how in tune Lance and Drew are with the youth as they do their best to define “fuckboi,” “thirst trap,” “diva cup,” and much more as they go head-to-head in a “OMFG! Dirty Pop” Pop Quiz. Plus, Lance shares the official story behind the evolution of the apostrophe before *NSYNC.