Lauren Ashley Smith

Lauren Ashley Smith is a comedian and actress.

Guest Appearances

Best Frenemies Forever (w/ Lauren Ashley Smith)

Four housewife shows in one week require a very special guest so thankfully we have genius writer Lauren Ashley Smith ( head writer for A Black Lady Sketch Show ) to break it all down with us. From the glory of Atlanta…


What Is The Most Definitive Latinx Movie? w/ Lauren Ashley Smith

Spanish Aquí Presents #6August 19, 2019

This week the SAP crew gets a message from a fan in Australia, and Oscar poses the question, "What is the most definitive Latinx movie?". Carlos, Tony, Raiza and Oscar all weigh in on their favorite films and discuss white-washing, and the…


The Juice Is Loose

Comedy Bang Bang #612July 28, 2019

Comedian and friend of the show Jimmy Pardo of Never Not Funny joins Scott to talk about a cut CBB TV scene he was in, mixtapes they used to make for each other, and his Forrest Gump story. Then, football star O.…


Lauren Ashley Smith: The Worship Hour with Reverend Dr. Anita Love

Hello souls and welcome back to the non-denominational Worship Hour with your host Reverend Dr. Anita Love (Lauren Ashley Smith)! It's the safe space in which we can talk about our hearts, souls, and take vibe requests. On this very special episode,…

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