Lex Friedman

Lex Friedman wrote the Snuggie Sutra and The Kid in the Crib. He also hosts the podcasts Turning This Car Around, Not Playing, and Your Daily Lex.

Host Information

The Wolf Den

The Wolf Den, hosted by Midroll's Lex Friedman and Chris Bannon, focuses on the business side of podcasting. Tune in for interviews with other influencers in the industry, and some insider info behind what's happening at Earwolf, Howl, and Midroll.

Guest Appearances

Midroll's Erik Diehn and Lex Friedman

The Wolf Den #109July 7, 2016

Find out what’s happening behind the scenes at Midroll and Earwolf during this very busy summer, as Midroll's Erik Diehn and Lex Friedman join Adam for his very last episode hosting The Wolf Den. Adam recently stepped aside from his position of…


Highlights from 6 Years of The Wolf Den

The Wolf Den #99February 18, 2016

Just before The Wolf Den hits its 100th episode milestone, Adam takes a brief listen back to relive some highlights in what's been an exciting six years in the evolution and growth of Midroll, and podcasting. Adam shares early clips from podcast…


Lex Friedman, Midroll's EVP of Sales and Development

The Wolf Den #71January 22, 2015

Lex Friedman, Midroll’s EVP of Sales and Development, joins Adam to pull the curtain back on this fun “inside Midroll Media” episode of The Wolf Den. Lex tells the story of how he got started selling podcast ads—despite not having a sales…

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