Lou Gonzalez

Lou Gonzalez

Lou Gonzalez is a comedian/writer/director.

Guest Appearances

Julián Castro and the Latinx Vote

Fake The Nation #219September 24, 2020

Julián Castro and Lou Gonzalez join Negin to shed light on why some Latinx voters are undecided and what issues are important to them. They also discuss Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy and why switching to a 4-day work week would benefit everyone.


Sex Toys or Dog Toys?

Fake The Nation #183January 16, 2020

Lou Gonzalez and Jeff Kreisler join Negin to discuss Tuesday's Democratic debate, the latest on impeachment proceedings and what's going on in Iran. They also get into the good and bad effects of complaining.


Ironically Detached

Fake The Nation #162August 22, 2019

Maeve Higgins and Lou Gonzalez join Negin to discuss immigration, recessions, the 2020 race, and debate the importance of brand and idealogical alignment.

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