Mano Agapion

Mano Agapion is a comedian from Greensboro, North Carolina. Which is NOT the scariest place in the south… but it might not win any awards either. He went to UNC – Chapel Hill where he performed improv and sketch at Dirty South Comedy Theater. Nowadays, he performs with UCB House Team, Winslow. If you’re like all about social media, you should check out his Instagram called Grindr Diary. But I warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart. If you have eagle vision, you might have also seen him briefly on Comedy Bang Bang or Adam Ruins Everything. Mano wishes to thank the fat Arabic kids from his childhood. Without their love, he’d be nothing.

Guest Appearances

Vengagirls & Vengaboys4humans

improv4humans #536February 2, 2022

Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapion join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They perform scenes about getting dark on Zoom, reasonable math, and giving a tangy maid of honor speech. Plus, a Eurodance interrogation, an amateur inauguration singer, and the truth about…


Finally! A Good Christmas Movie starring Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Earwolf Presents #168December 10, 2020

Yup! It's an improvised movie starring your favorite lil scamps from Full House! Betsy n Mano take you on a totally made-up Christmas journey as The Olsen Twins AND BOY- it's stupid fun! The twins are on an epic holiday quest to…


Frog Fractions with Mano Agapion & Betsy Sodaro

Get Played #77December 6, 2020

Mano Agapion and Betsy Sodaro (We Love Trash, Horny for the Holidays) join Nick and Heather to talk about Frog Fractions! They talk about how it subverts the edutainment genre, how it feels like a prank, the history of boxing and more!


Season 1, Episode 3: The Newcomers

Bonanas for Bonanza #1April 26, 2020

Bonanas For Bonanza with Dalton Wilcox is back, now as a regular series on Earwolf! After introducing his new co-hosts, Mutt Taylor from The Journeymen and Christian entrepreneur Amy Sleeverson, Dalton tries to suss out if his guest Mano Agapion is a “city slicker.” Then,…


Prized Cucumber (w/ Mano Agapion)

Vicky and Mano dive deep into sleep paralysis, peaches and wouldn't you know it... a prized cucumber! Ever sit on a curb eating a dirty water dog? So have we. This episode is a PSA for why you should never go to…


White Nectar (with Mano Agapion)

The Teachers talk about the Easter Bunny, the first viral video, and the pattern game. Later, Hamilton's dairy supplier Mr. Hasan (Mano Agapion) stops by to explain why lactose tolerance is more important than ever.


The First Date Scammer with Mano Agapion

Scam Goddess #25March 16, 2020

Con-gregation! You know we had to bring you some relief during these trying Corona times, so we sat down a safe six feet away from Mano Agapion (Drag Her) to break down some Corona scams (yes, already!) and dive into the first…


Mano Agapion

Homophilia #129January 23, 2020

Comedian Mano Agapion joins Dave and Matt on this week’s Homophilia to dish about fav characters to watch on The Circle, formative trash TV crushes, meeting his boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, adventures in Japan’s “queer country,” dealing with body dysmorphia, and…


Slaughter Beach, Dog and the Next Great Acolyte

improv4humans #414September 25, 2019

Jake Ewald of Slaughter Beach, Dog joins improvisers Mano Agapion, James Mannion, and Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! Jake plays tunes that inspire scenes about describing a song without hitting any of the notes, digging up bones in order to be…


Hatoful Boyfriend with Mano Agapion and Betsy Sodaro

Get Played #3July 7, 2019

Mano Agapion and Betsy Sodaro (We Love Trash) join Nick and Heather to discuss the strange bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend. They break down the different paths they went down to try to romance the birds, whether or not visual novels are…


Nicole Threw Bacon Against a Wall - with Betsy Sodaro & Mano Agapion

Nicole & Sasheer bring on comedian best friends Betsy Sodaro (Disjointed) & Mano Agapion (Bajillion Dollar Properties) to this week’s show! In this interview-meet-Newlywed Game, they interview each separately before bringing them together to share their answers. Mano tells fun stories from…


Mano Agapion - Spotlight On: Marinetta Papahimona

WOMP It Up! #69October 29, 2018

Marissa and Listler welcome Marina del Rey’s resident mystic Marinetta Papahimona (Mano Agapaion) to predict their futures on another WOMP It Up! Marinetta discusses her craft and the friends she’s made in the dark arts before venting her frustration with her husband’s…


Reno, NV

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes everyone abruptly back to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is writer/comedian/actress Kulap Vilaysack of Bajillion Dollar Propertie$! Kulap chats about being the child of refugees, which zoo is her favorite, and learning to breathe with the…


High School Auditorium

Paul F. Tompkins gets philosophical in welcoming listeners back to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is actor/comedian Scott Thompson of The Kids in the Hall! Scott chats about what song he puts on when a hookup comes over, becoming content…


Parrot Jungle, A Parrot-Only Zoo in Miami, FL

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes everyone back as Pride Month continues on Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special return guest is Natalie Morales of Parks and Recreation! Natalie chats about why her favorite teacher has changed over time, being given Pepsi and condensed…


Princess LiveJournals (w/ Mano Agapion)

This week on OFF BOOK, Mano Agapion joins Jess and Zach for a new musical filled with attic-drinking, mushrooms, princesses and LiveJournal entries packed with feelings. With your "Current Music" being songs like "Pounding Vodka In An Attic", "Put it on the Internet" and…


Abandoned Farm House

Paul F. Tompkins is elated that you downloaded another episode of Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special return guest is comedian/improviser/writer Eliza Skinner of Drop the Mic and Cool Playlist! They chat about what crime she would commit, the fun of jamming…


Is That Chocolate, Or What?

Comedy Bang Bang #533February 25, 2018

Musical star ‘Weird Al' Yankovic joins Scott to talk about his upcoming concert series The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour! They discuss sports and Al’s philanthropic causes before being joined by pageant consultant Debbie Creepy. Then, body modification hobbyist Jergen Tavikya stops…


A Cast Reunion for the film The Net

Paul F. Tompkins says hi, hello, and what’s up to listeners on this week’s Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is Jensen Karp of Get Up On This and Drop the Mic! They chat about whether Jensen has ever gotten lost,…


Water Cooler Area At An Office

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes music lovers to this week’s Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special return guest is Mary Holland of Wild Horses and Blunt Talk! They chat about what Mary believes is her finest and worst qualities, the moment she realized…


Highway Clean Up

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes little sound makers to Spontaneanation! This week, Paul’s special return guests are Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon of The Big Sick! They chat about when they first learned what SEX was and how, what medical condition you may contract as a result…

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