Marc Edward Heuck

Marc Edward Heuck is an American writer who is best known as the Movie Geek on the Comedy Central game show Beat the Geeks. Marc has provided audio commentary tracks and interview segments for the DVD releases of the 1995 slasher Night of the Dribbler, 1984 Savage Streets, 1978 Cheerleader’s Wild Weekend, 1981 slasher Scream, 1973 thriller The Candy Snatchers and the 1997 comedy Men Cry Bullets. Heuck also recorded a commentary for the 1981 punk rock satire Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, which was not included on the DVD release, but can be obtained as a free download.

Guest Appearances

The Drunk Projectionist

On this week's episode of The Fogelnest Files, Marc Edward Heuck, Film historian, famed projectionist, and original movie geek, sits down with Jake to get into the nitty gritty of cult classic filmography.  Tune in to hear a very informative discussion about the two…

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