Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is, according to Wikipedia, a comedian, fashion designer, actress, author, and recording artist. She has been in, according to IMDB, Ghost Whisperer, Drop Dead Diva, and Notorious C.H.O. Her show Cho Dependent, according to Twitter, is on Showtime and you can purchase it on her website and iTunes. That’s what we call citing your sources!

Guest Appearances

The Mea Culpa-iest of Mea Culpas

Fake The Nation #218September 17, 2020

Margaret Cho and Sean Rameswaram join Negin to describe what it's been like living in California as fires ravage the West Coast. Margaret also defines the term "Koreaboo" and Sean explains why the U.S. should be more like Australia when it comes…


Self Care with Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho gets in virtual bed with Nick and Megan to discuss tattoos and the importance of self care.


Margaret Cho, Our Tattoo Friend

Hollywood Handbook #305August 26, 2019

MARGARET CHO joins The Boys to discuss all their tattoo.     This episode is sponsored by hims (, Quip (, and Indochino ( code: HANDBOOK).


Margaret Cho

Comedian Margaret Cho sits down with Cameron to discuss always being up-to-date within the community, staying stoked on stand-up, and being inspired by younger people. This episode is sponsored by (


Taylor Swift, Cults, and Being Connected to Dick w/ Margaret Cho

Homophilia #34March 30, 2018

Comedian, musician and overall incredible woman Margaret Cho joins Dave & Matt this week to talk about ayahuasca, Wild Wild Country & cults, the comedy renaissance, and her love of Taylor Swift. Plus more on dating men and women, polyamory, getting married in Vegas, and Matt gives Dave…


Los Feliz, Karen's House, 1997

Paul F. Tompkins is making the most of every welcome and is pleased to welcome you all back to SPONTANEANATION! This week, Paul’s special guest is stand-up comedian Margaret Cho! They chat about what tattoo Margaret would get if she had to…


What's It Like to be a Comedic Legend? With Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho joins Jonathan to get curious about comedy, dogs, charity and cannabis.


Don't Call Me A Baby Killer

Sklarbro Country #215September 5, 2014

Turn your excitement meters down, Margaret Cho joins Randy and Jason on this week's episode of Sklarbro Country. Listen in as Margaret talks about an amazing gift from Steve Jobs, how allergies kept her clean and off the streets, and what it…


Occupy Thanksgiving

Comedy Bang Bang #132November 21, 2011

At the intersection of comedy, music, and fashion lies this week's Comedy Bang Bang. Margaret Cho and Grant-Lee Phillips provide the score for the episode in addition to delighting us with tales of the 90s and fun rounds of What Am I…

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