Marina Mastros

Kamarra Cole and Marina Mastros are best friends and comedians living in Los Angeles. They met over ten years ago as professional improvisors in San Diego. They quickly discovered their shared love of the supernatural, and have spent countless hours together watching horror, sci-fi, slashers, and every show on Destination America. For the last decade, they have been developing their love and knowledge of all things spooky. They’ve explored graveyards, gone on ghost tours, and stayed in haunted hotels. Together, they’ve learned that when life gets scary, the best thing to do is laugh…and then run away.

Guest Appearances

July 30, 2020

Episode #2: Scary Shit in the Attic: Marina and Kamarra read a story about a not-so-alive bar patron who refuses to get out, as well as tales from haunted-as-fuck hostels around the world. Are you ready? We ready. On your marks, get set, ghost!