Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen is an American comedian known for hosting Comedy Central’s Make Me Laugh. Cohen also appeared in two episodes of the British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and has had numerous guest roles on American sitcoms such as The Sarah Silverman Program and Louie. Additional credits include Funny People, Who’s The Caboose?, and How I Met Your Mother.

Guest Appearances

November 24, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome comedian Mark Cohen who talks about the best joke for silencing a room full of jews, life in Las Vegas, and the unique experience of having to perform on 9/11. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories that include the latest trend in parenting, two men that can only fight if they’re naked, and a woman that learns the hard way that you mustn’t break into a zoo. Lastly, Michael Kissick leaves a voicemail discussing his Thanksgiving plans.