Mary O'Hara

Mary is  a journalist & author of the book Austerity Bites: A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK published by Policy Press and am author of the latest Samaritans Media Guidelines on reporting of suicide.

Guest Appearances

When Did We Start to Demonize Poverty? with Mary O'Hara

Journalist and author Mary O'Hara returns to Getting Curious to discuss her reporting on poverty, her new book The Shame Game: Overturning the Toxic Poverty Narrative, and her work reimagining how we talk about poverty with Project Twist-It. She and Jonathan discuss her own…


Has Britain Screwed Itself with Brexit? with Mary O’Hara

Mary O’Hara returns with a Brexit update. What’s actually happened since the 2016 referendum? Is it too late to turn back? Do we love Nicola Sturgeon? And why has Northern Ireland become such a focus of Brexit negotiations? You can find Mary…


What's #Brexit? with author Mary O'Hara

Jonathan sits down with Guardian columnist and author Mary O'Hara to discuss what Brexit is, how it affects British people all around the EU, and why the far right seems to be getting more popular. Also, Jonathan talks about why he had…

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