Matt Price

Matt Price is an actor and writer from Evanston, IL. Matt was most recently seen as a recurring character on TNT’s critically-acclaimed “Men of a Certain Age.” Other appearances include “The Office,” “Arrested Development,” “Reno 911,” and “The TV Set.” He won an Emmy Award in 2012 for his writing on the Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show,” and he has written for Comedy Central’s “Root of All Evil with Lewis Black” along with many other things. He is a big Chicago sports fan and will seriously talk about hamburgers at any time.

Guest Appearances

December 30, 2016

The holidays are here, and Matt Price, DJ J-Logic, and Jonah Ray join the Sklar Brothers to pass the chord once again. We hear some of the best musical selections of 2016 as they share in good times and good cheer. Happy Holidays!

March 18, 2016

Comedian John Caponera joins the Sklars to discuss his new book “A Life in Comedy.” Randy and Jason break down the mystery of Richard Simmons’ maid allegedly holding him hostage. Also, John describes his interesting and entertaining career in comedy. Later, the Sklars talk to basketball analyst Joe Lunardi analyst about March Madness bracketology.

December 25, 2015

It’s the time of year where The Sklar Brothers, Matt Price of the Whale Cave, DJ J-Logic, and Nate DiMeo of The Memory Palace podcast pass the chord and share their Top 3 Songs of 2015! Happy Holidays!

January 2, 2015

In this special “music” episode of Sklarbro, Randy and Jason welcome to the show Jonah Ray, Matt Price, and first time guest J. Logic, who breaks down life as an MC in LA in the 90’s. But first, the crew goes around and samples songs that came to them in 2014, and in doing so, they wax poetically over the evolution of music and what it takes to transcend a demographic. Also, our crew defines what you have to do to get church girls naked and what a very dirty, adult, no kids allowed song is. Lastly, we find the most sure fire way to hang out with Matt Sharp of Weezer.

December 27, 2013

It’s the time of year where The Sklar Brothers, Jonah Ray of Jonah Raydio, Matt Price of the Whale Cave, and Gary Lucy of The Ketchup: The Last Podcast on Earth share their Top 3 Songs of 2013! Happy Holidays!

January 4, 2013

Rock out this week to some of the best music of 2012 as decided by The Sklar Brothers, Jonah Ray, Matt Price, and Jake Fogelnest. Jonah, Matt, Jake, and the Sklar Brothers give us their Top 3 Songs of 2012 while telling stories of Dennis Miller, Guided By Voices, The Gregory Brothers, Billy Squier, and Lana Del Rey. Don’t forget to pick up tickets to see Randy and Jason in San Francisco at Cobb’s Comedy Club on January 18-20 and in Portland at Helium Comedy Club on January 24-26. Happy 2013!