Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is known to many as Trotter of the Upright Citizens Brigade. To others, he’s Kevin Beekin from Dog Bites Man or Ranger Glen from Reno 911. To less observant non-nerds, he’s “that guy” from The Hangover, Role Models, I Love You Man, Semi-Pro, and Step Brothers. To us at Earwolf, he’s one of our favorite guests!

Guest Appearances

June 18, 2020

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In 2016, a documentarian named Markus Tronque disappeared. The last person he was seen with was his nemesis, Michael Moore.

Back in 1989, Tronque was in Mexico filming a documentary about the urban myth of a rat-found-in-a-coke-bottle. Suddenly a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit, trapping him in a collapsed building. Amidst the rubble he meets Daisy Phipps, a young woman who would change the course of his life forever.

Morgan Pickles introduces this bizarre mystery centered around Markus Tronque, the man who wasn’t Michael Moore.

Episode features: Matt Walsh, Horatio Sanz, Joe Nuñez, Madeline Walter, and Brad Morris

April 8, 2020

Will Hines, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Joel Spence and Johnny Meeks join Matt Besser for scenes about coping with a Christmas goodie shortage, auditioning with an awful voice, and talking up a minor injury for fast treatment. Plus, buying tickets for an uncool band, Abbey Road’s worst review, and more.

March 16, 2020

Actor, comedian, and UCB co-founder Matt Walsh talks with Andy Richter about childhood injuries, complicated award show feelings, and the genesis of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Plus, Matt discusses his work with Defy Ventures and shares advice he’d give to his younger self.

December 23, 2019

Season’s Scammings Con-gregation! This week we’re sitting around the fire with comedy legend Matt Walsh (Veep, Upright Citizens Brigade) as we sink our teeth into the most famous ponzi schemer in world history, Bernie Madoff! More like he “made off” with those billions honeyyy. Just playin’, he in jail!

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June 27, 2019

Comedian and UCB co-founder Matt Walsh (Veep) joins Conan writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell to talk about the hardware commercial that got him into SAG, which UCB performers went to the emergency room as a result of their Conan bits, capitalizing on the chemistry of the Veep cast via improv, and much more.


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April 3, 2019

Musical guest Money Mark joins Jon Gabrus, Matt Walsh, Craig Rowin, Laci Mosley, and Mookie Blaiklock for a special LIVE improv4humans with Matt Besser! Money Mark plays a selection of songs that inspire scenes about a dysfunctional zoo tour, an all-star hockey puck, and a manhunt for a sneaky drunk. Plus, a college security guard gets the laundry room shift and WWII soldiers jam out in their bunkers with repurposed equipment.

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