Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry is an ESPN fantasy sports analyst and columnist. He writes under the nickname “the Talented Mr. Roto,” or “TMR”. Berry currently works as ESPN’s senior director of fantasy sports. He also worked on such movies as Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, and the final year of the TV show Married… with Children.

Guest Appearances

August 13, 2013

That’s not a podcast, THIS is a podcast! The Bitter Buddha himself, Eddie Pepitone joins us this week to talk about Crocodile Dundee’s misadventures in Los Angeles! We discuss the confusion over the spider in the hat scene, the Beverly Hills Cop-esque plot that appears later in the movie, and the insanity of the skunk in the freeway. Then, ESPN fantasy sports analyst Matthew Berry explains how he become involved in writing the movie, how he & his writing partner got into a public dispute with Paul Hogan over writing credit, and the one thing he’s proud of & is embarrassed by in the movie. Crikey!