Megan Grano

Megan Grano is one of those rad improvisers who has a home at Second City, iO AND The Annoyance, three of Chicago’s most important improv theaters. Now that she’s in Los Angeles she has an even bigger network of shows and credits, but let’s talk about the most important: Michelle Fan’s Makeup. It’s a hilarious web series about…well, the less said the better, perhaps. But go watch it right now. Go! Go! Dude, you aren’t doing anything better right now! Do it!

Guest Appearances

October 24, 2011

Tonight the girls are performing at the Nerdist Theater, but not before they get some good spooks in on their radio show! It’s a freaky Monday over here as the girls encounter some suspicious Frenchmen and explore the dark arts (and each other’s bodies). Halloween is upon us, so avoid those awful haunted houses and enjoy The Apple Sisters’ Halloween Boosical Spooktacular!