Megan Neuringer

Megan Neuringer is a writer and actor and has been performing at the UCB since 2004. She was a panelist on Best Week Ever and is a talking-head on all those other VH1 shows you watch at the gym.

Guest Appearances

Funkiest Lord's Prayer

Megan Neuringer is a super funny person who you may recognize from TV, movies, and performing at the UCB Theatre in NY & LA. Megan & Jake chat about the dangers of having bed bugs, having fun with a crude Vine commenter,…


Shit's Gettin' Real!

Totally Laime #220April 18, 2014

Elizabeth's dear friend, the talented actress/writer and comedian, MEGAN NEURINGER is back and this episode is a special one. She and Elizabeth don't hold back discussing real life, the double edged sword of fame, and why death jokes are important to them…


Dickbook Pro!

Totally Laime #40November 4, 2010

Elizabeth has had a long time girl crush on our guest, comedy writer and actress MEGAN NEURINGER (whom you may know as the Mac girl from the Apple commercials and/or HBO's Flight Of The Conchords) - so we were simply thrilled to…

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