Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson is a producer and SVP of Music for KIDZ BOP.

Guest Appearances

August 8, 2019

This is a double-interview episode! First, producer and SVP of Music for KIDZ BOP Michael Anderson stops by to talk with Matt and Dave on this week’s Homophilia. They discuss predicting charts, laundering gayness, Judge Judy, and the Kidz Bop tour. He also shares about his relationship with his husband of 15 years, and how they met in an AOL chat room. Then actor and Broadway prodigy Daisy Eagan joins the guys to talk about her and Matt’s time in Jersey Shoresical, the new Aladdin movie, and Dave not seeing any Disney renaissance classics. She describes her relationship with her ex-boyfriend/current partner, as well as the complications of long-distance dating. Plus – Dave asks the tough question of “are you drinking pesto or a smoothie?”

This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com/homo).