Mike Castle

Mike Castle grew up in Chicago and started doing comedy at Second City when he was a teenager before branching out to iO and UCB. He is always asking people to read his scripts. He is mostly harmless.

Guest Appearances

Door-to-door Doors

Comedy Bang Bang #648April 5, 2020

Emmy-award winning writer, director, and producer Alan Yang (Parks and Recreation, Master of None, Forever) joins Scott and his nephew Todd to talk about his Netflix directorial debut Tigertail being the opposite of Tiger King, working with a Mandarin translator on the…


Mike Castle: Dreams, What Do They Means?

Welcome back to Dreams, What Do They Means? with host and dream expert Ian Neeson. World renowned dream psychologist Randy joins the show this week to offer insightful analysis, but not before we hear the Dream That Should Not Be Talked About.…


Mike Castle and Joey Greer: Can You Believe It?

Welcome back to Can You Believe It? with your hosts Colleen and Margaret (Mike Castle and Joey Greer)! It's the show where you will find all the gossip in the small town of Alpharetta, Georgia. This week they are joined by their…


Mike Castle: Living Sober with Rory

Rory (Mike Castle) has been sober for a while now and he couldn’t have done it without his friend and spirit animal Skip Rollins. Rory and Skip share their thoughts on current news during “Hey, What the Heck?”, discuss Monica Lewinksy &…

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