Mike McLendon

Mike McLendon is a comedian, improvisor, and writer of short bios originally from Austin, Texas. Mike can be seen performing weekly at UCB Sunset with “Outside Dog.” Mike has performed comedy across the world touring with Second City Theatricals and Mission Improvable. He has appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Fox’s Grandfathered, Jimmy Kimmel Live, AXS TV’s “Mockpacalypse,” and has helped develop content for ABC, MTV, FX and more. Follow Mike on Twitter at @themikemclendon or in real life by dimming your headlights and staying at least 20 feet behind him.

Guest Appearances

San Fermin and the Cobbler Role Play

improv4humans #311October 5, 2017

Musical guest San Fermin joins improvisers Matt Newell, Drew Spears, and Mike McLendon for this week’s improv4humans! San Fermin plays songs off their new album that inspire scenes about using bait on a first date, staging heavy-handed plays about breakups, and a…

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