Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt has been a standup comedian/writer since 1991. In the spring of 2006, he became a cast member on the podcast “Never Not Funny.” After a year-long stint on “Never Not Funny”, he started his own podcast, “The 40 Year Old Boy”, a weekly trip through the mosh pit that is inside of his skull.

Guest Appearances

Mike Schmidt

Never Not Funny #1915November 17, 2016

Building castles in the sky with Mike Schmidt.   This episode is sponsored by MVMT Watches, Harry's, and Mott & Bow.   Get a free trial at www.harrys.com/nevernotfunny.


The 500th

Never Not Funny #16FMarch 23, 2015

Jimmy, Matt and the gang celebrate their 500th episode with a live show featuring special guests Joe Lo Truglio, Rich Sommer, Mike Schmidt and Pat Francis. (Recorded live at the UCB Franklin in Hollywood on March 22, 2015.)


Sklarbro County 20

Sklarbro Country #115.5October 9, 2012

The 40-Year-Old Boy himself, Mike Schmidt drops by to punch a waterfall on this week’s Sklarbro County! Mike describes how his podcast has morphed into what it is today over its 5 year existence, talks about the time he almost got his…

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