Miles Archer

Miles Archer

Miles Archer is a mysterious creature: Part comedian, part rapper. Extensive research has found that he wrote for Saturday Night Live for over fifty years, he is Corey Feldman’s identical twin, and will considered for Presidential election in 2343. I’ve been sworn to secrecy about everything else. I could actually get in trouble for sharing this much. Don’t tell him, okay?

Guest Appearances

Dammit That Was a Hot Jam

Comedy Bang Bang #82November 27, 2010

We at Earwolf are pulling out all the stops to make this the most hilarious Christmas possible! Friends of the show Kevin Nealon, Tig Notaro, and Sarah Silverman start the show off right with valuable information about their travel habits, weekly scheduling,…


Crappy Howl-o-ween!

Comedy Bang Bang #77October 26, 2010

Listeners beware, you're in for a scare this week on Comedy Bang Bang!First of all, what could be scarier than a CYBER-THUG TAKEOVER!?!!? The Thuggy One and his buddy Miles Archer take over the show to talk about the spooky world of…


Another Cyberthug Take-Over

Comedy Bang Bang #36January 15, 2010

Run for your life, it's a CYBER-THUG TAKE OVER! Cyber and his buddy Miles Archer discuss the state of hip hop with Kanye East, and whatever type of music it is that Taylor Slow does.


A Cyberthug Take-Over!

Comedy Bang Bang #27October 30, 2009

CYBER-THUG TAKEOVER! The Thuggy one brings in his very best and thuggiest friend Miles Archer who helps cohost this unspeakably terrible overtaking of the show we love so much. Don't be too worried, as show favorite Bobby Bottleservice shows up with Jerry…

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