Molly McAleer

Molly McAleer (A.K.A. Molls) is a writer, Tingling Internet Sensation, and co-founder of HelloGiggles.

Guest Appearances

April 14, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome this week’s County author and TV writer Molly McAleer. Molly kicks off the show with talk about how her childhood and how it informed the work she does today, including her book The Alcoholic Bitch Who Ruined Your Life, writing on 2 Broke Girls, as well as her epic performance on Drunk History. Then, Daniel Van Kirk covers stories from around the globe that include a woman that invites a group of boys to grow up a little quicker than necessary and a classic Ohio food dispute. Lastly, the gang is joined by, subject of HBO’s The Jinx, Robert Durst who talks about his relationship with his brother and the last time he saw one of the two women that he’s suspected of murdering.


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