Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein is a Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker known for her political analyses and criticism of corporate globalization and of capitalism.

Guest Appearances

June 15, 2017

It usually takes Naomi Klein five years to write a book. This time, it took her less than five months. The journalist, author, and activist’s latest work _No Is Not Enough_ is all about Trump, the dark trends that have led to his presidency, and the urgent need for intersectional action right now – not later. In this episode of Politically Re-Active, we dig into the “capitalist burlesque” that has taken over the White House and explain how Trump’s scandals only reinforce his corporate brand (“impunity through wealth”). With so many crises unfolding around the globe, Naomi says, it’s time to band together to revive our own idea of utopia. So tweet us yours: @politicreactive.

Learn more about _No Is Not Enough_ at and follow Naomi Klein on Twitter: @NaomiAKlein.

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