Nate Underkuffler

Nate grew up in a small town in northwestern Maine, where Danny Elfman’s score to Batman irrevocably inspired him to be a musician. He thus spent the rest of his childhood voraciously building a collection of hundreds of film scores while making arrangements of them for his Viola and Piano. The Maine wilderness also ingrained in him a love for the outdoors. He relocated to Boston after winning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, where he majored in Film Scoring, scoring independent and student projects in addition to his coursework.

He dropped out when his band The Young Republic was signed to a record label, and toured North America and Europe for a couple years while teaching Viola and music theory. He then returned to Berklee to graduate in December 2010, and simultaneously won an internship with Paramount Studios.

In January he moved to Santa Monica where he was selected for an internship with Music and Motion productions, from which after a few months was promoted to a full time paid position as score coordinator and a variety of other responsibilities, including librarian, music programming. He has since been promoted to Music Editor. He intends to continue scoring any and every project that gets near him, and hiking a mountain when he has the chance.

Guest Appearances

June 3, 2014

Kyle starts the show off by discussing his recent experience performing at the Sasquatch festival and his appearance on Howard Stern before everybody discusses their current work projects and life status. Then, film composer and music editor Nate Underkuffler joins the crew to discuss film composing, film scoring, changing musical trends, and the landscape of the composing world. Tune in to hear a great interpretation of The Fast and the Furious by the gang and more!