Nathan Russell

Nathan Russell makes films and comedy in New York City. He is currently Creative Director at UCB Comedy. As a filmmaker his work has screened theatrically, on television, and at international film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Hot Docs and IDFA. Also the internet. Always the internet. At UCB Theatre he performs Friday nights with improv sweet-things Bucky. He will never refuse an ice cream cone under any circumstance.

Guest Appearances

October 26, 2017

Nathan Russell, Creative Director at UCB Comedy/Don’t Think Productions and host of the UCB Digital Podcast joins Lex Friedman on The Wolf Den. The two discuss Nathan’s beginnings as an improvisor at the theater and how that eventually led to running their in-house production arm. Nathan also explains the UCB’s philosophy of trying things and seeing what sticks, and how the intimacy of podcasting lends itself to improv comedy in a way video often can’t.