Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson can be found nearly any time of day on Comedy Central. Seriously. If they are airing movies, it is often Grandma’s Boy, Reno 911 Miami, or Blades of Glory. If they are playing stand-up, you might catch one of his two Comedy Central Presents or his special Seriously, Who Farted? You can catch him on Reno 911, or in his very own series Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time. You should also find his Gay Robot pilot online. It’s great.

Guest Appearances

Waltzburgers: Live from LA Podfest

Sklarbro Country #323September 30, 2016

Coming straight out of LA Podfest, the Sklarbros are joined by comedian and overall good buddy Nick Swardson for a live episode of the Country. We hear about the Sklar's recent show in Mobile and tales of New Orleans debauchery before getting…


Scrunchy Face

Comedy Bang Bang #352May 25, 2015

Celebrate Mem Day with Nick Swardson as he tells us all about what it’s like touring in the same bus as Alice Cooper, the groundbreaking topics he covers in his new stand-up special “Taste It,” and life on the West side of…


Jumping The Korean Baby Ghost

Sklarbro Country #174November 22, 2013

One of the funniest people in the universe, Nick Swardson returns to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Nick tells us about developing an office video game comedy with Danny McBride, shares some of his vitriolic Vikings tweets, talks about the time…


National Pleasure

Comedy Bang Bang #127October 17, 2011

How many ingredients are in pizza? Can you high five an orangutan? What does the moon do when we're not looking? The answers to these questions and more can be found in today's Comedy Bang Bang! Nick Swardson finally found his way…


Beware of Punters

Sklarbro Country #14October 28, 2010

Is there a brand new episode of Sklarbro Country? I don't know! Are Nick Swardson and Sam Elliott the guests? Must be, because I'm laughing! Randy and Jason discuss the mysterious lives of NFL punters and the bizarre prank played on ESPN's…


Featuring Betty White!

Comedy Bang Bang #73September 29, 2010

What do Nick Swardson and Bill Cosby-Bukowski have in common? They are not only both guests on this episode, but they both have a sexual history with Betty White! Fortunately they take time away from doing inappropriate things with Ms. White to…


No Such Thing as Shirter!

Comedy Bang Bang #24October 9, 2009

This episode features some of the best acting known to man. Nick Swardson from Comedy Central's Reno 911 guest hosts, and Academy Award winner Gary Busey steps in for a chat (while James Adomian steps out). Don't miss a peek into the…


Nick Swardson

Kevin chats with Nick Swardson.

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