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Noah Garfinkel is a comedian and writer. All will be explained over at

Guest Appearances

Surprise Surprise

Hayes and Sean reveal the real reason for their nine-week hiatus and tell their stories as jurors for the George Zimmerman trial. Then it's onto Big Brother with a discussion of Howard's nature analogies and Elissa's nasty attitude because of her perfect…


Adopting Asian Babies

Andrew Ti and this week’s guest Noah Garfinkel share their thoughts on Chinese food and tell adoptive parents to be cool when taking care of their children. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.


Black Students Acting Out

Today Andrew & Noah Garfinkel discuss a teacher’s theory that white teachers take it too easy on black students who act out because they are afraid of being labeled as racists. Give us your thoughts Sociologists and don’t forget to keep leaving…


Buffalo Soldier

Andrew Ti & Noah Garfinkel discuss whether it’s okay for a white guy to sing “Buffalo Soldier” at karaoke. Be sure to keep leaving us messages at (323) 389-RACE.


Hating On Rap

Noah Garfinkel & Andrew Ti talk about people who hate on rap, let a caller know what kind of rap he should dive into it, and Noah explains why he doesn’t listen to music in general. Make sure to leave us a…


Stereotypical Pet Names

Noah Garfinkel returns to make a new Thanksgiving tradition with Andrew and to discuss the topic of people naming their black animals using stereotypical names. Be sure to call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask if anything is racist.


Bread and Butter

Live from UCB-LA it's Jake with Kumail Nanjiani, Rob Corddry, and Noah Garfinkel on today's The Fogelnest Files. They come on and get aquatinted with waterbed technology, realize the magic music of a man named Taco, and get too much Bruce Vilanch. It's…


CA: Neo-Seoul

Yo, Is This Racist? #43December 14, 2012

We’ve made it to the end of Cloud Atlas week with Andrew Ti, Sean O’Connor, and Noah Garfinkel. Today they talk about all of the White actors in Asian face, Halle Berry as an old Asian man, and why they recommend watching…


CA: Half-Lives

Yo, Is This Racist? #42December 13, 2012

Yo, what up Cloud Atlas heads! This week Sean O’Connor and Noah Garfinkel join Andrew Ti to talk about the racial fuck fest that is Cloud Atlas. They talk about what they could have accomplished in the time they watched Cloud Atlas…


CA: Blackface

Yo, Is This Racist? #41December 12, 2012

It’s Cloud Atlas week with Andrew Ti, Sean O’Connor, and Noah Garfinkel. Today they talk about how no one is in blackface in this film, Halle Berry in white face, and why spoilers don’t matter. Give us a call at 323-389 RACE…


CA: Slave Ship

Yo, Is This Racist? #40December 11, 2012

Andrew Ti and guests Sean O’Connor & Noah Garfinkel have each watched Cloud Atlas twice and need to talk about it. They discuss the slave ship segment, Noah’s grandparents, and Doona Bae in white face. Call us at 323-389 RACE on a…


Cloud Atlas

Yo, Is This Racist? #39December 10, 2012

Andrew Ti welcomes comedians Sean O’Connor and Noah Garfinkel for Cloud Atlas week on Yo, Is This Racist? Today they explain the racial fuck fest that is Cloud Atlas, talk about Halle Berry as Indian Party Guest, and Hugh Grant playing a…

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