Oliver Mayer

Oliver Mayer is the principal scientist at GE Global Reseearch.

Guest Appearances

November 8, 2015

In the last few years ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Elysium’ showed near-futures where soldiers weren’t limited by their physical capabilities, but instead were enhanced by mech-suits. It’s a concept that provides for very entertaining movies, but considering we have no plans to fight hordes of aliens or wage a class war on the Lamborghini of space stations, can mech-suits have any real-life applications to us in the coming years? Or are they strictly limited to warfare?


Let’s say mech-suits do become a routine part of daily life. Will they help us for the better or just turn us into the soft and doughy humans like those aboard the starship Axiom in ‘Wall-E’?


Jack O’Brien ask all of these questions and more of Oliver Mayer, Principal Engineer at GE Global Research and an expert in robotics, who believes we’re all a little bit cyborg already. Jack is then joined by Scott Novich, the co-founder and CTO of NeoSensory, Inc., a company helping the deaf hear by harnessing an underused sense: touch. From there, they talk about how this technology could potentially lead to humans gaining new senses.