Patrick Hinds

Patrick Hinds the co-creator, and co-host of True Crime Obsessed, entertains using a  distinctive blend of wit and compassion. His journey in podcasting started with Broadway podcasts, where he hosted shows such as Theater People and Broadway Backstory.


Patrick, alongside co-host Gillian Pensavalle, unravels the intricate narratives of true crime documentaries every week, accumulating an impressive 200 million podcast downloads for TCO. Their historic achievement includes being the first podcasters to grace Broadway with a live show in 2022.


Shifting the spotlight to Patrick’s storytelling finesse, his recent release in the fall of 2023, “Failure Is Not NOT an Option,” emerges as a humorous memoir that swiftly claimed bestseller status on both the Wall Street Journal and Publisher Weekly lists. The sustained success of his “Book Party” serves as a testament to Patrick’s storytelling, consistently captivating audiences in both the United States and London with sold-out events.

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