Patrick McDonald

Patrick McDonald is an actor and writer from Mansfield, Texas. His one-man show #STRAIGHTWHITEALLY is currently running at UCB Franklin. Patrick is also the co-host and creator of DREAM DATE, a pick-your-own-outcome romantic comedy show that plays seasonally at UCB. He is currently a writer for the Maude Team THE SUMMER OF, and has previously been on Maude Teams , OLD FLAME, THE BUS and GLENDALE, as well as the Harold Team KNUCKLEPUCK. He also hosts NOT TOO SHABBY, UCB’s longest-running sketch open mic show, every Thursday at the UCB Inner Sanctum.

Guest Appearances

January 27, 2019

It’s the Carl Alarm! W-EAR The Wolf’s #1 morning drive-time show with your hosts Carl Tart  Latina Nina, Ronnie on the Radio, and Intern Patrick!  This may be their first week of syndication but they’re still spinning the hottest records, answering listener call-ins, hitting the streets with with everyone’s favorite “Carl Caught You” segment, and sitting down for an in-studio interview with RnB bad boy Johnny Tables.

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