Paul Welsh

Paul Welsh is an actor, improviser and writer originally from Connecticut, who has been performing at UCB since 2008. He currently performs on the house team JV every Friday at 11PM. His television credits include: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW), Broad City (Comedy Central), Children’s Hospital, Key & Peele (Comedy Central), Playing House (USA) and more. He has tried to sell you a bunch of stuff on commercials, and his comedy has been featured by The New York Times, New York Magazine, and Jezebel. He has performed at the UCBs on both coasts as a member of Harold night, in countless other UCB sketch and improv shows as well as two self-written solo shows (Men in Paintings & Paul Welsh Goes to a TED Conference). Before that, he studied political science and Italian at Georgetown University. Paul once lived above a pig farm on the outskirts of Mexico City, has gone temporarily blind in one eye, and is looking to talk to you about Richard Nixon.

Guest Appearances

September 10, 2019

After Nicole tries to remember the title of this podcast, she and Sasheer are joined by best friends Paul Welsh & Madeline Walter (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)! Paul talks about people crossing boundaries to touch his thick hair, how he and Madeline met, Madeline’s love of the Minneapolis airport, and disliking Game Of Thrones. Madeline shares about their early days of comedy, how attentive Paul is as a friend, the Peanuts (Pig Pen is NOT thriving), and how she loves the Raleigh-Durham airport. Then, Nicole and Sasheer bring Paul & Madeline together Newlywed Game-style, and get to the bottom of the airport discrepancy, Orange Soda Guy, and how many is too many band-aids.

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February 6, 2019

Please enjoy volume one of the all-time best i4h scenes about improv, Matt Besser, Earwolf, and all things meta! This compilation features amazing performances by Tim Meadows, Joe Wengert, John Gemberling, Zach Woods, Colton Dunn, Charlie Sanders, Sean Conroy, Billy Merritt, Paul Rust, Mike Mitchell, Mike Hanford, Dave Ferguson, Dominic Dierkes, Sean Clements, Drag The River, Seth Morris, Jon Gabrus, Ben Schwartz, Gil Ozeri, Mookie Blaiklock, Dan O’Brien, Danielle Schneider, Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Austin Lucas, Jon Snodgrass, Andy Daly, Peter Gwinn, Amanda Sitko, Andy Secunda, Mary Holland, Dan Lippert, Molly Bretthauer, and Paul Welsh.


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March 24, 2017

Negin is off this week and Fake the Nation is getting taken over by Hard Nation, another Earwolf political comedy podcast. Hard Nation is hosted by comedians Mike Still and Paul Welsh, who play the characters “Mark & Pete Hard.” Mark is a conservative and Pete is a liberal, they are brothers and political pundits. In this episode, the Hard brothers appear on the The O’Reilly Factor. (Bill O’Reilly is played by Seth Morris).

October 12, 2016


Join the Sisters Grimm (Siobhan Thompson and Anna Rubanova) as they bring you stories on a familiar theme with a magical twist. Modeled after NPR favorites like This American Life and The Moth, The Grimm Life uses a public radio approach to retell classic fairy tales. In episode 1, A Cobbler who makes unethical footwear argues in favor of more deadly shoes.

Created by Anna Rubanova and Siobhan Thompson. Edited by Anna Rubanova and Adam Bozarth. Featuring Paul Welsh as Hair Schumaker, Laura Willcox as Silvija, Adam Bozarth as Puss in Boots, and Anna, Siobhan and Adam as the Elves.

May 19, 2016

Mike Still, Jessica McKenna and Paul Welsh join Matt Besser on this week’s improv4humans. They improvise about the musical number in Virgin Airlines’ safety video and explore new weight loss challenges. People running for U.S. Senate inspire a scene about presidential candidates’ opening statements in a debate. Also, an unhelpful employee starts a new job writing for improv4humans.

April 18, 2016

Check out the first episode of the brand new Earwolf show “Hard Nation!” Join the Hard Brothers (Mike Still and Paul Welsh) for a bare-knuckle political brawl that will leave you with an America-shaped bruise on your brain. Featuring your favorite comedians performing as your (least) favorite politicians. This episode, “Hillary Clinton Eats A Burrito” features Nicole Byer and Jessica McKenna.