Peter Kafka

Peter Kafka is a totally brainy dude who has worked for big deal companies like Forbes and writes for All Things Digital and has multiple degrees and all that academic stuff that I’m in absolute awe over. He’s also a podcasting geek! Yay! You can read all the really cool stuff he writes over at All Things Digital (I linked it, look to your right). I just read his piece about Netflix. It was great. You should read it as well.

Guest Appearances

September 22, 2011

Jeff has used his skills of deceit and trickery to get a truly wonderful guest for the week: Peter Kafka from All Things Digital. This guy has worked for Forbes Magazine and a major Wall Street banker and guess what? He’s a podcast geek! Jeff and Peter hop all over the place from the potential uselessness of graduate school to the issues plaguing iTunes and Netfilx. Too many issues are covered for me to list, so listen in and learn something!