Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr has a voice that is ingrained in the brains of many Americans. For over ten years he has voiced Hermes on Futurama and has leant his voice acting talents to projects such as King of the Hill, Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, and other nerd-approved shows with super long names. He recently played Cowboy Curtis in the Broadway production of The Pee-Wee Herman Show. He’s also been in everything else ever. Seriously, check out his IMDB.

Guest Appearances

October 7, 2019

After Tucker throws his team under the bus, The Supremes summon the rest of the crew to testify regarding their involvement in the various genocides they’ve committed. Featuring special guest Phil LaMarr.

September 30, 2019

Tucker and his band of misfits encounter a powerful intergalactic being known simply as “The Grand Judge.” Will Tucker finally have to answer for his genocides? Featuring special guest Phil LaMarr.

February 25, 2018

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes everyone he loves back to Spontaneanation! This week, Paul’s special return guests and improvisers are Phil LaMarr, Daniele Gaither, and Gary Anthony Williams of The Black Version! They chat about what is their least favorite question strangers often ask them, pilots being afraid of heights, and the importance of packing light. They then improvise a story set in a LaCroix Factory. And as always, Eban (only the best) Schletter scores it all on piano!

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July 6, 2016

Matt gathered some of the best anecdotes told on I Was There Too about experiences on the set of Aliens, The Big Lebowski, Poltergeist, and many more. You’ll hear from Paul F. Tompkins, Aimee Mann, Gilbert Gottfried, Lisa Jakub, Phil LaMarr and more on topics ranging from food, flesh, and pancakes to making & breaking comedy. It’s a perfect way to jump into the podcast for new listeners and a grand collection of great stories for regular listeners to revisit.

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July 4, 2016

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes all celebrating Independence Day to this week’s episode of Spontaneanation! This week, Paul’s special guest is actor and man of a million voices Phil LaMarr! They chat about the last item he donated to charity, the story behind the Hamburglar, and shopping in the women’s section of Goodwill for sketch costumes. Paul is then joined by Craig Cackowski, Nyima Funk, and Marc Evan Jackson to improvise a story set in a Comic Book Shop. And as always, Eban (only the best) Schletter scores it all on piano! 

The next live edition of Spontaneanation happens Saturday, August 6 at Largo at The Coronet! Join Paul & Eban as they welcome improvisors Dan Ahdoot, Tim Baltz and Tawny Newsome, and special interview guest Desmin Borges from You’re The Worst! Tickets are on sale now!

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August 19, 2015

“Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.” These are the words John Travolta says after obliterating the face of this week’s guest, Phil LaMarr. Phil joins Matt to finally lay all the myths of Pulp Fiction to rest. Was Marvin originally supposed to survive? And what’s Marvin’s real deal, anyway? And what’s in the damned briefcase? Phil answers all of these questions as well as tells us about the real fear he felt in his scene with Samuel L. Jackson, the approach he takes when working on an impression, and his first job on the Mr. T cartoon while still attending high school. Plus, Matt shares which actors were in consideration to be in Pulp Fiction in the return of I Wasn’t There Too! Check out the Rambo Cartoon Matt mentions in this ep here: