Priscilla Davies

Priscilla Davies

It all started on a therapist’s couch. That’s when it was recommended that Priscilla take an acting class. She did and soon thereafter, as fate would have it, she took an improv class. She fell in love and realized that improv was what had been missing from her life all those years! Priscilla has been studying and performing improv for the past 10 years now and loves it! She’s so excited to join the UCB Mess Hall and is looking forward to performing and indulging her love of improv on a semi bi-weekly basis. In addition to improvising, Priscilla is also an actor and writer who regularly performs in commercial and theatrical productions here in Los Angeles. Currently, you can see her in her national Cintas commercial, which is airing right now! And of course, come check out her and her team Cool Jerk at UCB!

Guest Appearances

Scam Goddess Presents: Con-Fessions!

Scam Goddess #37.5June 10, 2020

What's up, con-gregation? Scam Goddess is bringing you premium content full of brand new, premium scams. In Con-Fessions, Laci is joined by her friend Priscilla Davies to dissect listener letters full of YOUR scam stories. Thanks for snitching!  Listen to Con-Fessions every other Thursday,…


BONUS : Con-Fessions

Scam Goddess #36.5June 5, 2020

The scammers are busy and it's hard to keep up! In Con-Fessions, Scam Goddess Laci Mosley and her hilarious friend Priscilla Davies break down even more scams and listener letters. They've got all new schemes and they're all for you, con-gregation. Stay…


Scam Goddess with Laci Mosley

Laci Mosley (aka Scam Goddess) breaks down some of the world's oldest and most popular scams with guest Priscilla Davies. They cover their own personal scams, a muti-million dollar McDonalds Monopoly scheme, a historic hoodwink, and more! Laci Mosley socials: @divalaci

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