Rachel Pegram

Rachel Pegram is a comedian, actor, writer, and singer living in New York. She studied at NYU and now writes and performs comedy all around the city. She’s appeared in videos and sketches for MTV, CollegeHumor, Above Average, The Scene, Mashable, Refinery29 and more. Rachel is on the sketch group Lo-Fi NYC, hosts a late night-esque variety show with Rachel Joravsky called That Shit Ray, and on the house team Zaddy at UCB. www.rachelpegram.com

Guest Appearances

August 25, 2019

ThatShitRay is a a comedic exploration of the daily hustle hosted by Rachel Pegram (Comedy Central, Netflix) and Rachel Joravsky (MTV, BET). Part interview and part sketch show, ThatShitRay comedically celebrates the artistry of hustle in podcast form, properly by the people, for the people.  On this episode, the Rachels interview fellow comedian, Sam Taggart, on living a thrifty life in NYC: dog walking by day, Coca Cola brand Ambassador-ing by night, and polishing it all off with a bodega-bought can of Indian food for dinner. We also meet the infamous ThatShitRay alter-egos from across the pond — Thrifty Cleopatra and Lil Scrappy — two fully grown newsies hustling their way through London Town.

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